Uniqueness, competence, accuracy, quality

In the year 2000 a unique way of management process consulting and personnel training was formed by creating a scientific and process-oriented approach, as well as an individual approach towards each project and client. The progressive Training Center, an accredited continuing education and professional improvement institution, brings together a team of professional consultants with experience in management process consulting, leadership and staff training, project management, and personal growth consultation.

Our clients are both private and public sector organisations in the following fields: IT and telecommunications, manufacturing, sales and service, road construction and maintenance, finance and insurance, culture and sports, construction, recruitment, forest management, legal services, etc.

Graduates of the program are business owners, top management, high-level professionals and independent consultants.

We are characterised by


Our specialists have proven themselves by working with the largest Latvian companies in both the public and private sectors, representing a wide range of industries, from trade and service providers to the banking sector and manufacturing companies.


Our services are based on a clear and proven project management and implementation methodology, which has been tested for 20 years. The quality of our products and services is demonstrated by the stability of our customers, as well as their steady growth and development.


Precisely clarified and coordinated with the client, the goals of the lessons guarantee a positive training result. We offer exactly the knowledge the customer needs, and exclude redundant, well-known information.


Our training programs are based on a unique methodology, which is based on scientific theories and adapted to real life and business environments. Each program is individually designed to the client's specifics and goals.