The training program “Psychological Counterintelligence” – antimanipulations

A vital capability which is necessary for businesses in the 21st century.

Type of program: non-formal adult education program.

Curriculum field: social and human sciences.

Curriculum group: psychology.

Requirements for prior education: higher education desirable.

Duration and scope of the level: 64 hours.

Program format: in person or remotel

Diploma: an international certificate of the Italian Association Associazione Europea Della Psicologia Innovativa is awarded.


It is a system of thinking whereby various methods of determining of the current reality and manipulation of good intentions to achieve one’s goals are practiced. The most important tool is qualitative method thinking, as well as the time devoted to this process. It is not worth imitating what others know or have learned.

The program is designed both for growth-oriented key individuals and for any company unit: company owners, the company’s top and middle management teams, project managers and project teams, any kind of company entity.

Psychological Counterintelligence is based on a methodology developed over 20 years and tested in the business environment. It is the only humane method of antimanipulation that can be demonstrated and measured. The competitive advantage is the speed and accuracy in which the targeted goal is achieved. Tools that are integrated into daily operations become automatic while a system of thinking develops.