Evelīna has worked as a psychotherapist for more than 25 years, working in the area of gestalt therapy. In her work, she offers a creative, individual, innovative and professional approach. Evelīna’s strength and uniqueness rest in her vivid interest about her work and her well-developed ability to feel true empathy. She inspires people in accordance with their abilities and potential.

“Selflessness toward oneself is of great value, because it is freedom.” /Evelīna Grava, “Refined Evil”/


Evelīna designs individual training programmes and consultations for each company. The programmes focus on management of change, monitoring of competitors, and corporate development.  Her seminars are in much demand among top businesspeople and business owners. Evelīna Grava’s original programme, “Psychological counterintelligence” – antimanipulations has been her best-known brand for the past several years.


Opening of the book “Psychology and Cuisine or Cuisine and Psychology”.

Opening of the book “Psychology and Cuisine or Cuisine and Psychology”.

 She has written three books and a number of other publications.  In 1997, E. Grava released the book “Recipe for all Recipes”, and in 2013, she published her second book, “Refined Evil”. The book became a bestseller and was in much demand at bookstores and libraries in Latvia. At the initiative of the Imants Ziedonis Foundation “Viegli”, E. Grava was invited to apply for a Baltic Assembly award in science in 2014.  “Refined Evil” also inspired a performance at the Rīga’s Improvisation Theatre. The publication about the book was included in the latest literature guide “Pērļu zvejnieks” (Nov-Dec 2013). In 2017, in cooperation with Daniel Jahn, an expert and collector of antique works of art of German origin, Evelīna Grava presented the book “Psychology and Cuisine or Cuisine and Psychology”.



Agris has worked in the business consultation field for more than 25 years, and during this period of time he has organised and implemented around 1,000 individualised business training programmes and consultation projects for leading companies and organisations in the Eastern Europe, also training company representatives in Scandinavia and offering consultations and business strategies in Russia.

He still consults and prepares training programmes for organisations, their employees, higher and medium-level managers, board members and company owners.

Since 2001, A. Grava has worked with the Commercial Education Centre (KIC, Latvia) in designing and implementing business training and consultation projects.

These merge innovative and modern business management trends and practical psychology methods. Agris is the leading consultant of the author’s program “Psychological counterintelligence” – antimanipulations.

Leading consultant Agris Grava. Photo by D.Grodzs

Leading consultant Agris Grava. Photo by D.Grodzs


For more than 25 years A. Grava has been a gestalt psychotherapist. He founded the first gestalt centre and organisation in Latvia, and Agris Grava is also a founder and Board member of the Latvian Association of Psychotherapists, as well as the President of the Latvian Gestalt Society. He has improved his personality in recent years by studying under the leading Czech psychoanalyst, Martin Mahler in Prague, as well as by taking part in many other projects related to psychotherapy. A. Grava is a Board Member of both the European Association of Innovative Psychology and the Business Intelligence Club. He has taken part in conferences related to various fields in Latvia and abroad.


A. Grava has more than 20 years of experience in business. He runs and serves as a leading consultant for the Business Union KONSULS. The clients include several dozen of Latvia’s top 500 companies and organisations, both in the state and the private sector, as well as several companies with international capital.  The unique nature of the company is that it has a scientific and process-oriented approach, as well as an individual attitude toward each project and client when designing training and consultations. The progressive Training Centre forecasts upcoming business management process trends.